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From the fiber to the environmental and medical fields!

We use our unique technologies for internationally-certified advanced medical equipment in everything from design to manufacturing

Assembly plant

Assembly plant

New product development


Advanced medical technologies based on technologies developed over the years
How can we apply our precision processing technologies, high-mix low-volume production technologies, and equipment design technologies? Advances in medical equipment will be essential in our graying society. Kyowa FineTech is making strides in the medical field, led by our desire to serve people in any way we can. We handle everything from the design to the OEM manufacture of advanced medical equipment, as well as manufacturing devices for international export which conform with certification requirements. We will continue to be involved in everything from the design to the production of medical equipment.


Providing cutting edge technologies in easy-to-use forms

Our FEMTOWAVE optic technology brand combines innovative ideas in the applied ultra-short pulsed-laser field with ultra-high precision design. We also offer development on consignment to meet customer needs, such as collaborative research between academia and industry.

Main Development Division clients and delivered products
Client Product
Okayama University Optic noise reduction unit
Galvano mirror scanner
Osaka University THz preamp
Okayama University of Science Dedicated device
RIKEN HARIMA BRANCH Radiation measurement preamp
Shinshu University THz TDS system
HIKARI,Inc. Low vibration optical delay device
Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. Low vibration optical delay device
Helvetia Wide bandwidth charge amp module

Environmental development


FEMTOWAVE®, Kyowa FineTech's new optical technology brand, is creating the next generation through its development capabilities