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Leading technology that's always a step ahead

We use our extensive experience and advanced technologies to provide total support for extrusion lines, from design to installation.

Design product categories

Single screw extruders: Various sizes of floor-mounted, portable, and temperature control consoles

Floor mounted models 10mm to 130mm
Portable models 10mm to 40mm
Table-top models 10mm to 15mm

Extrusion dies: Fabrication of various sizes of main units, heaters, and trestles

Circular dies

Pipe dies, tube dies, inflation dies, blow dies, corrugators,
rotary dies, internal and external coating dies, strand dies

Number of layers 1 to 11 Lip diameter: ϕ1mm to ϕ1500mm
Flow channel shape Spiral, manifold, spider
Special conditions Corrosiveness, high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, high precision, unevenness, pulsation, pressure variation, viscosity variation, etc.

T dies

Film dies, sheet dies, coating dies, double lip dies

Number of layers 1 to 7 Lip width: 5mm to 2000mm
Flow channel shape Coat hugger, fishtail, straight
Flow channel branches Multi manifold, feed block

Design product categories

Fabrication of various sizes of Screen changers, vacuum tanks, molding machines, winders, draw frames, and haul-off machines